Tin Can Bay

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Secluded in the midst of picturesque Tin Can Inlet, experience a tranquil getaway to this area known for its eco-tourism surroundingsTin Can Bay is home to close to 2,000 people and is the place to unwind and relax.

Originally known by the aborigines as Tuncanbar, this peaceful bayside town is well known for its recreational fishing and boating pleasures. Its major industry is fishing with prawning fleets based in Schnapper Creek.

Sailing along the Inlet
is a popular pastime, with the protected waters also providing an ideal location for houseboat enthusiasts. The estuaries throughout the water system also make for brilliant canoe trips, while the popular facilities and ample parking at the Norman Point boat ramp allows access to the Inlet for pleasurecraft and the wonderful sense of freedom on the waterways.

Or if you enjoy birdwatching, you can view over 130 species of birds along the Environmental Walkway.

One of the very special features of Tin Can Bay is the regular visits of wild dolphins to the water edge. The unique phenomenon attracts locals and visitors from far and wide. As the dolphins are wild animals in their natural habitat, sightings cannot be guaranteed.

However, traditionally the best times for viewing are between 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM most mornings so please contact the Cooloola Visitor Information Centre for more information about dolphin feeding in the area.

You can hand feed our dolphins FOR FREE.

Things to See and Do in Tin Can Bay

Environmental Walkway

A wonderful opportunity for birdwatching, as the foreshores of Tin Can Bay can be explored via the environmental walkway. This allows visitors to observe the inhabitants of the foreshores in comfort and without disturbing their natural habitat.

Rent a yacht and sail around Tin Can Bay and the Sandy Straits, with yachts available at Tin Can Bay Marina. Bookings are recommended.

A holiday with a difference. For those who would like something flatter than a winged keel, a houseboat is a great way to motor around Tin Can Bay.

A great experience either from the shoreline or offshore. For those looking to venture out onto the Inlet, 'tinnies' are available for hire from businesses throughout the area.

Experience the Waterways
Canoeing/kayaking options are available to explore the inlet. For a change of pace, enjoy the Ferry Cruise between Tin Can Bay and Carlo Point near Rainbow Beach

A Round of Golf
For a change from the water activities, head for land and the Tin Can Bay Country Club. The golf course is beautifully presented amongst large tea trees, but be prepared to share the course with a wallaby or two.

Lawn Bowls
The Tin Can Bay area boasts two manicured lawn bowls clubs that provide for a great day out.

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